Fall into Routine by Roxy Menzies

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On 04.10.2017.

It's that time of the year where we begin to transition into the next season, the days are shorter and cooler and for those of us in big cities, heavy traffic resumes and kids go back to school.


This period of the year can be met with trepidation or excitement.  All of a sudden everything can be chaotic and overwhelming.  One of the ways to ease through this time is to build a healthy routine; one that suits YOUR individual needs and schedule.  


Many of us loathe the idea of a routine because we have this concept of wanting to be free, unattached and to 'go with the flow'.  However if you're ever around children, whom are the most honest and free creatures on this planet, they thrive on routine.


A part of self care and self love is building and making time for those things that will enhance our quality of life.  Just as parents make sure their children are fed, clean and put to bed at a reasonable hour, we too must do this for ourselves.  It may be as simple as taking 5 minutes to drink your tea or coffee on the balcony or by the window, walking in nature, doing meditation or pranayama or taking a 5 minute dance break to your favorite song.  


Do anything you can think of that will put a smile on your face, a warmth in your heart or an ease in your step.


Here are a few YogaUni classes to consider for a healthy break/balance to your day.



Stephanie Sayeph - Kundalini Chakra Breathing (ENG)



Roxy Menzies - Rejuvenate Express Class (ENG)



Michael Stewart - Morning Practice




Shelly Ciprut - Wind down, Calm down, Settle