Get Ready for March Mat-ness with YogaUni!!! By Roxy Menzies

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On 24.02.2017.

Whether you're a lover of the Pilates method or new to this work, March is a great month to kick start your Pilates practice.  The benefits of Pilates are profound; guiding you to move with more ease, better posture or enhancing any other sport or activity you engage in.  There's a reason why Pilates is so popular and here to stay-- it really works!


For the last few years Pilates enthusiasts around the world have been celebrating what Joseph Pilates contributed to the world with 'March Mat-ness' -- everyday for the month of March showcasing a different Pilates Mat exercise.  


Joseph Pilates' book, originally published in 1945  'Return to Life Through Contrology' outlines 34 exercises.  These are known in the Pilates world as the 'Original 34'.  We're sure you've seen or done plenty of them in original or modified form in your regular and online Pilates classes.


For this March, YogaUni and their Pilates team will be partaking in March Mat-ness, in our own unique YogaUni way. 

We'll be offering a special 9 day Instagram challenge (but feel free to do a Pilates exercise everyday for March) to showcase YOU and get you celebrating the gift of Pilates.  


It's easy to participate and we encourage you to do so, we'll also be offering some cool prizes. 


Each day, for 9 days we'll post a photo and video of a Pilates exercise with a few different modifications, you can take a photo or video or yourself doing the exercise -- it can be any modification or variation. 


What you need to do is very simple!


Follow these accounts on Instagram :








Use the hashtag #yogaunimarchmatness when sharing your photos and videos and voila!  



We look forward to seeing your posts so get ready and mark your calendars, we start on Tuesday March 7!


In the meantime you can start your practice with a class from each of YogaUni's Pilates instructors.


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