Pranayama and Mantra Intensive with Michael J. Stewart

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On 10.01.2018.

In this very unique and special training program, Michael offers  an in depth investigation into the elements of Pranayama and Mantra.


Both these subtle elements of our Yoga practice require in-depth study with clear concise instructions and committed practice.


In the course of the training we will learn all the necessary steps to practice and teach a variety of Pranayama with the assistance of Bandas, and a clear methodology for understanding Mantras and how to share these with our students.


Who can attend to the program? 

We strongly recommend this program to anyone, who wants to learn pranayama and mantra practices, as well as the benefits and detailed practice tecnics. 


However, we recommend the program especially to teachers who want to offer a deeper yoga practice to their students with the inclusion of Pranayama and Mantras. 



Below is breakdown of what will be learned in our time together:


Pranayama Intensive: 

1) Kriyas:  4 practices of Nauli

                 2 practices of Kapphala bhati

                 Agni Sara, Jala Neti


2) Bandas:  Mula Banda , Uddiyana Banda, Jalandhara Banda


3) Anatomy for Bandas and Pranayamas


4) Pancha Vayus


5) Pranayama: 5 different Pranayama Techniques and Benefits


Mantras Intensive:

             a) Sanskrit Alphabet Pronounciation

             b) Types; Bija, Devotional, Energetic, Invocations

             c) Techniques of Recitation

             d) Learn Specific Mantra; Meaning and Uses

                 Mahamritunjaya, Surya Gayatri, Guru Mantras, Panchakshara



Program logistics details : 

The dates of the Intensive : May 16-20, 2018

Venue : Çeşmeköy - İzmir (

Prices :

Early Bird discounted price : 535 EUR plus tax (until March 1, 2018)

Late payment : 635 EUR plus tax (starting from 1st of March)

Prices include the accomodation and the 3 course meals in Cesmekoy. Travel expenses are excluded

For more information and to sign up please send an email to

Thanks and Namaste :)