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    In this practice we explore ways to improve our arm balances with a special focus on handstands


    This practice is designed to prepare and warm up the body for arm balances. With push-ups and advance flow through Sun Salutations we aim to build strength, flexibility and power.

    You can practice with this video, before your arm balance practice, or, as an individual morning practice, to awaken and warm up the body while building strength and power. 


    This practice is a nice high tempo warm-up and work out to build strength and flexibilty for those who have Sun Salutations. in their practice. Towards the end we focus to plank-chaturanga-urdhva mukha svanasana/upward facing dog transition. 

    You can do anytime especially good in winter time. Practice with this video, before your hatha practice, or, as an individual morning practice, just to get your blood flowing, joints open and get yourself ready for the practice, or the day ahead of you. 


    Grab a chair and release up low back tension with this fast, easy sequence. You can be with your shoes on if you're in your office


    From anywhere you can take a seat, use this class to release tension from carrying around the weight of the world on top of your shoulders


    Michael J. Stewart, the founder of Shanta Vira Yoga, with his uncomparable expertise on Asana, Bandha, Pranayama, Mudra and Mantra practices, offers a set of practices on Elements. 

    Earth    /   Water   /   Fire   /   Air   /   Ether

    This introduction video explains the general principles and scope of the Elements Practice. 

    Each video focuses on one Element. You can choose any Element to practice with, or or practice all videos all at once. 

    This video is the short introduction to the practices to come. 

    Practice, and Enjoy!


    This practice focuses on the subtle quality of the Ether Element and when you need to connect with the subtle qualities of your own being, this practice is for you.

    The practice includes asana, Yoni mudra, pranayama and the mantra for Ether element


    This practice focuses on the fluidity of Water Element and when you feel stuck and stiff both in your body and in your mind, and need connect with your own being, the water element in your body, the world and around you, this practice is for you.

    The practice includes hip opening asana, Jal Vardhak mudra, Pranayama and the mantra VAM for water element


    Sometimes it's really good to take it down, slow it down and observe the more subtle energies moving in your body. This pranayama and meditation practice combines with a supported asana encourages us to turn our inner gaze to these subtleties.

    You need blocks or a chair to put your legs on for this practice


    A simple exercise that will rebalance your energy to the present moment. A highly recommended Pranayama exercice to practice every day.