Rizzo (ENG)

Ray began practicing yoga in 1995 to help recover from an injury, and has been teaching since 1999. A licensed Massage therapist and certified advanced manual therapist, he also incorporates what he learned working with native healers/plants in Peru, his travels to India, osteopathy, and study of Wudang Kung Fu in China. His style continues to evolve, staying free from formality and tradition, seeking the most efficient and effective techniques in the pursuit of optimisation. All levels, all chakras. He is the author of Weightlessness and a book of poems called Bones For Joy.

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    In this practice we explore ways to improve our arm balances with a special focus on handstands


    This practice is designed to prepare and warm up the body for arm balances. With push-ups and advance flow through Sun Salutations we aim to build strength, flexibility and power.

    You can practice with this video, before your arm balance practice, or, as an individual morning practice, to awaken and warm up the body while building strength and power.