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Yoga for me is an adventure of awareness. This adventure begins by realizing the breath and the body and through there it expands to our life flow outside our yoga mats by being aware of our feelings and sensations. Yoga for me is an endless ocean. it means finding freedom within our own  edges. It means being in the moment and acceptance. It means letting go while we flow and flowing while we let go. I can say that my yoga practices and teachings are reflections of me. Sometimes a bit crazy, flying and flowing, open to changes and adjustments and sometimes stable in it's foundation and remain simple. One of my first inspirations on my yoga journey was a retreat that I attended with one of my first teachers Uma Fusun Chonyi. During that retreat I felt that I need and I want Yoga in my life constantly. After that I attended my first Vinyasa Yoga Teacher's Training with Alexis Gulliver and than Yin yang and Mindfulness Training with Sarah Powers and Prenatal Training with Neslihan Iskit. These trainings created my base for teaching/instructing. The last Teacher Training that I did with one of the most important Teachers Hart Lazer,  helped me to strengthen this foundation. This program aimed on expertising on practicing and teaching safely. Other trainings and workshops that I attended with very important Teachers like: Dharma Mitra, Richard Freeman, Mark Darby, Chuck Miller, Todd Tesen, Michael Stewart, Sean Corn, Sienna Sherman, Petros Haffenrichter, Yogeswari, Noah Mazeh opened new dimensions in me from different yoga styles and continued to inspire me.In addition to all these teachers and trainings, currently all the classes that I attend to practice or the classes that I teach continue insprining me through my students as well. I generally plan both my Yin and Vinyasa classes with a theme that will help the practicionars feel balanced, strengthened and relaxed through their practices. 

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