Founder of MindBody Festival, I am a French heart surgery nurse who certified as a Yoga, Pilates and Pranayama instructor. My passion is to guide my students on both their inward journeys and their physical practice in order for them to find their own Unique Self.

My classes are informed by my own life and inner explorations. Beside an amazing Life Experience, I have studied under the direction of internationally renowned teachers and Yoga schools delving into the instruction of Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Anusara, Iyengar and Pilates philosophies and practices.

Specialized in Pranayama, I studied under the guidance of Sri O. P. Tiwari. I am also very proud to be a student of Michael King and Cathy Corey for Pilates.

Presently I am studying Tantra Philosophy under the tutelage of Douglas Brooks.  Learning is never ending and will keep going until I keep living.

 Primarily based in Istanbul, I travel regularly between London, Dubai, Greece for my teachings. I focus on the inner explorations, acceptance of imperfections, and transformations of the self and physical body. Whatever your initial reason for starting a class with me, I will get you to explore your weaknesses, transforming them into real power.

My classes will develop both your correct use of breath, physical and mental strength and flexibility through a practice that is joyful, fluid and also strong and challenging, by sharing with you the tools to reach your inner world of inspiration, creativity and love.

What a great reason to jump on a mat and take a ride with me on this amazing journey of being a Student of Life!

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    Anger is the result of negative emotions like frustration, sadness, jealousy. Stuck in a vicious pattern, we cannot see clear through Anger. With this movement and breathing practice done regularly, you will lift the veil of Anger to see the real problem and activate your inner healer. These exercises are not recommended for pregnancy. 


    When we are into stress it is difficult to find sanity back. With this short breathing practice, you can easily calm down to get back your balance. These exercises are not recommended for pregnancy. 


    A simple exercise that will rebalance your energy to the present moment. A highly recommended Pranayama exercice to practice every day.


    This practice is designed especially for the pregnant practitioners, however the practice is for all who need to cool down in the heat. The exercices have a cooling and soothing effect, and can be praciced on all terms from the beginning until the end of the pregrancy. On the first trimester it helps to calm down the nausea, and last trimester, helps deep breathing when it becomes difficult, because the baby is bigger and up on the belly. 


    When we travel, our lower body gets stagnated, so, we will be focusing our lower body to open this area and increase the circulation.


    With the cold winter and/or the stress, we have the tendency to close ourselves. So, this practice is perfectly designed to open your shoulders first in order to open your chest in a much more easy way with some basic back bends. What an amazing relieve!


    Reach your Smiley Body to improve your Practice: Lately I realised that when we want to do things perfect, we get stuck in a pattern and it is difficult to move on. But when we relax the body and the mind and we take it more easy then the practice evolve in a nicer direction. In order to understand it more, I chose to focus on some hip openers the realm of the second Chakra and its water element.


    This Pranayama practice focuses on the stimulation of the 7 chakras. From my teacher Anodea Judith, it’s a good exercise to do in the morning to start your day with an amazing energy. It is also perfect before your asana practice to start moving the energy or before any meditation as a preparation. Enjoy!


    A 20min class to heal your wrists. I will give you some amazing tricks that you can also use partially for an everyday practice. The more you unwind tension in your wrists the more you will avoid later on in life any problems or injury. You will also release the tension in your neck and shoulders because everything is linked… So, too much computer, work with your hands and wrists or too much asanas? This is your daily practice!


    This class is perfect for those who sit for long hours and for runners, or if like me you are stiff in this area. We will recreate an energy flow around the IT band and all the Hip joint with awareness and some little tricks. Tested… it works!