Level 2

Keeping the emphasize on the proper alignment, these practices are focused on exceling the strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. It is expected for the practitioner to be able to jump to the handstand on the wall and get into full Urdhva Dhanurasana (Full Wheel pose) for the dynamic yoga styles like vinyasa, ashtanga, jivamukti, dharma yoga stlyes. The poses are practiced in series where the breath/movement connection is in harmony. Practitioner is aimed to get into a meditative state while sweating in a vigorous flow. 

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    This practice is designed to prepare and warm up the body for arm balances. With push-ups and advance flow through Sun Salutations we aim to build strength, flexibility and power.

    You can practice with this video, before your arm balance practice, or, as an individual morning practice, to awaken and warm up the body while building strength and power. 


    Get to know yourself better as we work through core exercises to learn how to get compact in your poses. Great for forward folding.