Restorative Yoga

The main principle of restorative yoga is ‘letting go and surrendering’. It is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. The use of props makes it easier for the practitioner to maintain balance while stimulating and relaxing the body. Practitioners who suffer from physical and mental fatigue, stress related tension due to the active, stressful and busy lifestyles benefits the restorative practices most. The seated or reclined poses are held as long as 15 (fifteen) minutes, the practitioner is invited to relax the muscles and let the gravity take over to open and rest both the body and the mind.

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    Yoga nidra means yogic sleep, and it is really needed, necessary. Yoga nidra helps us to widen our consciousness, even during our sleep. During this yoga nidra practice, you will follow the sound of Alexis's voice to complete a body scan. While following the practice, if you drift off to sleep, that is perfectly okay. Enjoy an experience of deep awareness.  


    This practice is designed to wind down and to get the day off your back, calms your mind and prepares you to the night ahead for a sound and stress-free sleep. You can practice this sequence after a stressful, tiring day, or, after a long distance travel.