The word vinyasa comes from Sanskrit words Nyasa which means ‘to place’ and Vi ‘in a specific way’. Vinyasa style practices are based on the specifically sequenced flows. The practice resembles to a story, it has a theme/focus, an opening/introduction, a development towards the focus, and a closing parts. It has either a peak pose where the practice progresses towards, or a focus theme, which the practice builds around. Vinyasa is a vigorous flowing practice, based on the proper alignment and breath/movement connection. Practice, while helping the body to become stronger, more flexible and in balance, mentally as the breath/movement connection progresses, the mind becomes calmer, clearer, more focused.

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    This class is excellent to work core muscles to gain more understanding of work in your hips. Feel some new muscles working and stretching in this fun class


    In this practice, the theme is focused around the physicality of deepening the Gomukhasana, Cow Face pose.

    The focus will be on two elements of the pose; Crossing the legs on top of each other while opening the back of the pelvis, and opening the shoulders and arms to come into the full expression of the pose.