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Gulliver (ENG)

Alexis has been trained in various styles of yoga: YogaWorks, Power Yoga, Anusara Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga. She draws from all of these styles when giving a session. She designs her sessions to be intelligent, focused, strong, and with a lot of humor thrown in to keep the practice light. Alexis also uses this as her inspiration when giving her 200 hour yoga alliance certified Yoga Programs.

Alexis practices because she loves seeing people experience their bodies and emotions again or for the first time. She truly enjoys sharing the power of yoga with people and getting to be a part of the way that it shapes their lives and world perspectives. Watching people become the very best that they can be, growing strong in their bodies and more open and compassionate in their lives is actually the greatest gift of practicing yoga. She wakes up every morning happy to go to her job.

Alexis says, "I practice because I have to. When I practice I'm able to move through my life with a bit more grace and ease. Practicing and studying yoga influences the way that I relate to the world and the relationships that I have. It makes me feel healthy, energized, and more balanced both physically and mentally. My inspiration comes from the people around me. Whether it's having a dinner with new people and trying to see the world through their eyes, or practicing with an experienced master who shows me a new paths, there is inspiration all around us. Remembering how very little we really know and understand, keeps me open to fresh, open to new ideas and hopefully living a little bit more fully, present, and conscious every day."

You can find Alexis either in group sessions and Master sessions at YogaSala, sharing her knowledge thru YogaUni, or at various private locations and workshops.

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  • 09.12.2017

    We use our hands & feet all day, but do very little to take care of them. This classes uses new techniques to bring range of motion back into these areas of the body and incorporates them into a great total body flow. Perfect class if you have been at the desk too long or standing too much

  • 08.12.2017

    Try a totally new pose! We start warming by feet and hands to get rid of work related stress then move into nice backbends to create a wonderful feeling fron head to toes.

  • 01.08.2017

    This practice focuses on opening the shoulders, chest and creating more space and mobility around the area.

  • 01.08.2017

    Like anything else in life, there is a natural progression to the way things evolve. Today we will be more through the hips in a way that lets the pelvic region unfold properly to then access the hamstrings at a very deep level

  • 01.08.2017

    We don't pay a lot of attention to our neck areas unless we have a problem. Either physical neck pain or being unable to express ourselves fully, use this class to access to your inner voice.

  • 02.04.2017

    Self Love and Metta Meditation

    Life can close us down both physically and emotionally. Using a Loving-Kindness meditation from Buddhist tradition one of loving yourself and others. Use this practice to gain flexibility but also strength. 

  • 02.04.2017

    We are all aware of the 5 commonly described senses: seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and touching but in Yoga there are 5 more. Try this meditation to explore all 10 and see how they help you to better understand how you relate to the outer world and your inner workings.

  • 02.04.2017

    Use your whole mat, moving fluidly, like water to get unto all those little spaces we forget about, strong, smooth as you round out your rough edges. 

  • 17.12.2016

    No matter what your practice is like (advanced or beginner) we all tend to forget about our side body. This short & sweet class takes you right into your side body over and over again to help release your entire spine. Great if you are looking for low back relief.

  • 17.12.2016

    This class is wonderful when you are feeling disconnected from your center due to the craziness of everyday life. We will start by connecting to our core and then use that to transition through a soft flow that will leave feeling refreshed and renewed by the end of class. Well-rounded to give you just a little bit of what you need, in our to feel great like you deserve.