Tesen (ENG)

Styles: Dharma; Lila; Bhava; Rasa

His Inspiration:"You are only limited by the ways you imagine the possibilities."
Dr. Gopala Aiyar Sundaramoothy

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    How about for a practice without vinyasas between poses? Let's do it. We will be moving in a well rounded flow.


    This 90 mins practice does not contain a warm-up and we will directly dive in to deep backbends, working towards the dropbacks and standing up from Urdhva Dhanurasana. Please either take the 20 mins warm up practice before taking this practice, or practice your own warm up practice.

    Note to the practitioners : If you are unable to straighten your arms in Urdhva Dhanurasana, use blocks on the wall segment until you create enough space and action to straighten arms. Once you get your arms straight, stay in the pose for 5 rounds, each round for 5-8 breaths. After doing these 5 rounds with an even experience, approach dropbacks sequence practice.

    Those of you who can do the drop back and stand freely, begin to work multiple rounds. Work up to the completion of 5 sets of 5 rounds. When the quality of these rounds are an even, full sensation without lose of energy or foundation, you will be ready to proceed to 108!