Tesen (ENG)

Styles: Dharma; Lila; Bhava; Rasa

His Inspiration:"You are only limited by the ways you imagine the possibilities."
Dr. Gopala Aiyar Sundaramoothy

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    Be ready for a well rounded practice, which includes handstand, hip openers and back bending elements. If you are looking for a fun practice which covers all the bases, this one is for you. Warning : You will need a wall for the practice. Tüm bedeni her yönden çalıştırırken El duruşu, kalça açıcı duruşlar ve geriye açılmalar ile zengin ve keyifli bir pratiğe hazır olun. Dikkat! Bu çalışmada duvar desteği kullanılmaktadır.


    In this video, Todd takes us through the subject of backbending. His step by step instruction begins with simple movements of stretching and advances throughout the video to very complex and strengthening poses. Using bandhas/body locks and pranayama/breath exercises, we will explore the limits of our body and mind. We believe, those who practice dropback to urdhva dhanurasana or working towards this transition will enjoy this practice even more.