Tesen (ENG)

Styles: Dharma; Lila; Bhava; Rasa

His Inspiration:"You are only limited by the ways you imagine the possibilities."
Dr. Gopala Aiyar Sundaramoothy

Stil Seçiniz
Fayda Seçiniz
Seviye Seçiniz
Süre Seçiniz
On The Go Videoları Göster

    We need breath to work with the waves, open shoulders and strong arms to paddle, and bandhas to stand up and stay up on the surfboard. This session covers it all in 20 minutes!


    Sun Salutations are the foundational flows of Yoga asana practice. Here, Todd breaks down the Surya Namaskar A into poses to explain the poses in detail and the mechanics of the flow. It is prepared to help both the new beginners and experienced practitioners who want to deepen their sun salutation practice.