Etkinlik : Michael Stewart ile Yoğun Shanta Vira Yoga İnvizası

Tarihler : 1-5 Mayıs 2020

Yer : Çeşmeköy - Çeşme

Ücret (*) : 

Erken Ödeme 2,600 TL + KDV (Şubat Sonuna dek geçerlidir)

Geç Ödeme 3,100 TL + KDV

Ön kayıt depozito : 1,000 TL 

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Sertifika : Katılımcılar Inziva sonunda YogaUni 'Meet the Practice : Shanta Vira Yoga Intensive Retreat' Katılım Belgesi alacaklardır.


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Önemli not : Bu etkinlikte ihtiyaç olması halinde Türkçe tercüme sağlanacaktır.





                                                          Meet the Practice : Shanta Vira Yoga

In every tradition of yoga there are methodologies of study. In Shanta Vira Yoga we find the best way to deepen our understanding of it as a type of Yoga practice, is to do it within a retreat setting. We will have an opportunity, this May in the wonderful, peaceful retreat setting at Çesmeköy.  All the elements that make Shanta Vira Yoga can be experienced in a live setting where we actually are part of a community of practitioners.


Each element of Shanta Vira Yoga touches various aspects of our connectivity to the entirety of being.  It is vital to build healthy relationships between Yoga and other aspects of our lives. Once we recognize that our practices of Yoga and our daily life are simply reflections of each other and intertwined as a whole; we then truly begin to appreciate our practices as integral to our wellbeing, vitality and abundance that life offers. This “Meet the practice” Retreat has been designed to accommodate all level of practitioner.


In this ‘Meet the practice” retreat our schedule is created so you can delve deeply into the various elements of Shanta Vira Yoga. Our invitation is that you use this as a time of study and deepening of your personal Sankalpa ( intention). Our Sankalpa is that you leave with a clear understanding of Shanta Vira Yoga and recognize its importance in your life during this time of infinite possibilities.


 Our days and nights will be filled with practices that are familiar, awakening, challenging, revealing and most of all joy filled. You can expect mornings of meditations, Sanskrit, mantras and pranayama practices. Our mid days practices will include Asana with precise instruction on alignment; Krama (sequencing) which will specifically include the appropriate Pranayamas, Mantras and Mudras, for a complete experience of the embodied self. Following these session of course there will be more delicious food to nurture our physical bodies so we can fully integrate all the exploration through the various bodies. Afternoons will be a time for reflection and relaxation. Our evenings will include practices of Active Community Participation, the most vital aspect of Shanta Vira Yoga.  


Below are a list of topics you can expect to be covered in the course of this Retreat.


                                                  Meet the Practice



Bandas: Mula Banda, Uddiyana Banda, Jalandhara Banda

Anatomy for Bandas and Pranayamas


Sanskrit Alphabet Pronunciation

Techniques of Mantra Recitation

Learn Specific Mantra

Bio-Mechanics of Asana

Opening the Gates of Revelation


Philosophy: Sri Vidya, Rajanaka and Shanta Vira Yoga

Active Community Participation

Krama( Sequencing)




This “Meet the practice” retreat has been designed to accommodate all level of practitioner. If you want more information regarding Shanta Vira Yoga, you can check out            


Etkinlik minimum 10 kişinin katılımı ile gerçekleşecektir.



                                            cOMe with an Open Mind

                                             and leave with an

                                               OPEN HEART




(*) Ücrete konaklama dahil değildir. Konaklama ücretleri için Çeşmeköy ile iletişime geçebilirsiniz.