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The Power of Sleep - Alexis Gulliver

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17.12.2016 tarihinde eklendi.

It's starting to become a joke amongst my friends about what a "good sleeper" I am. Whenever I mention that I'm a deep sleeper, or have a really easy time falling asleep, it is usually met with comments like, "Wow, you are so lucky", "I wish I could do that", and other varying degrees of wishing that they too could get a full, restful nights sleep. 

I have to be honest, I have always been able to sleep soundly. My mother will attest to the fact that even as a baby I was a new mothers dream. Sleeping easily through the nights. As I grew up, this habit followed me into high school. Where I was voted Most Likely To Fall Asleep In Class for the senior yearbook. College classes were easily missed as I snoozed my way through early morning classes. I never stayed up late cramming for tests, always preferring a good nights rest over last minute learning. 

Fast forward now another 10 years and I'm still the girl on the plane sleeping from wheels up to wheels down. Or drifting off to take a nap at a moments notice. So I started to wonder why is it so easy for me? Or on the other hand what are people doing wrong that makes it so difficult to sleep.

I've decided that quite a few different factors go into falling asleep. It is both mental and physical. As you all know, you can be physically exhausted but with a whirling mind. Or visa versa, mentally dreaming of sleep but after hours of no activity all day your body just doesn't want to be still. So, listed below are a few of the techniques that I use through out the day to ensure that I get a solid 8 hours of peaceful sleep.

 Tips For a Good Nights Sleep

#1) Eat Early and Move-I get out of class most nights at 9pm so it is very difficult to eat early but I eat right away, and I eat light. Say a soup in the winter. Even more important than the time when I eat is I try to take even a 10 min walk outside after my meal. The fresh air, the movement always makes it easier to sleep. If that isn't possible, move around the house a bit. Do some cleaning you need to catch up on, walk around the house and talk to a friend on the phone. Use up your energy a bit so that the body is really ready to stop and get still. 

#2) Pick a Time and Stick With It- Decide how much sleep you need, when you need to wake up, and then work backwards. Even if you aren't tired start making your preparations for bedtime. Prepare anything you need to get done in the morning, pick out your outfit for the next day, prepare lunch, etc. so that you aren't worried about rushing in the morning. I'm sure you have read it, heard it before BUT turn off all screens one hour before you want to go to bed. Allow your body & mind time to start to slow down for the night. You have a cool down period after a long run, same with your mind at the end of the day. Let it begin to disengage.

#3) Take a Hot Shower- Your core body temperature dropping is your body's signal that it is time to go to sleep. Help this process by taking a really hot shower, trick your body into cooling down as you get out of the shower and you will be more ready to hit the hay. 

#4) Journal, Journal, Journal- Keep a notebook by your bed. If something keeps popping up in your mind that is making it difficult to fall asleep and you are worried that you will forget it in the morning. Write it down. Get it out of your mind and know that you can work on it in the morning when you are fresh. Don't lay there like a dog with a bone, chewing over the same problem over and over again. 

Last but certainly not least:

#5) Yoga & Meditation, Meditation & Yoga- with a combination of these two things my body stays pain-free, so things like a bad back, or sore knees aren't keeping me up at night. And mediation so that you learn how to control your thoughts and have the ability to slow down your mind so you can rest


If all of this isn't working...DONT TOSS & TURN. Get Up. Try listen to some soft music, change your environment. Don't start to associate the bed with not sleeping. When you can't sleep try taking a Meditation class on YogaUni.Com or try a simple Breathing practice to help prepare you to try again.  

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