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What I'm Luv'in Now- December - Alexis Gulliver

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25.12.2016 tarihinde eklendi.

#1) My Favorite Meme For December:

This is how I feel people must think about me. Always taking, thinking, or talking about Yoga :)


#2) I'm Luv'in This Book Right Now:

Inner Engineering by Sadhguru


I love a little Osho, but after reading this book. Sadhguru is my new favorite. Sprinkled with great, little stories from his early childhood, to the moments of his enlightenment, and how he shared his knowledge with his students. This book is a wonderful read for anyone both searching for some guidance on their own path of individual spirituality. Reminding us over and over that everything we need is already present inside of us and that no one can do the work for us. Wonderful gift for the yogi in your life.


#3) And I'm Always Luv'in Something New to Eat:


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This month my friend discovered for me a place that they might as well call Alexis' Diner because it is literally what I prefer to eat every night for dinner. 

Located in Ortakoy and available on this convenient place has 4 soups plus a daily fresh offering. What I love the most about it, is I can also get my humus and muhamarra fix at the same time. It was super affordable, fast, and the perfect light mean when I get out of yoga at 21:00.


#4) Gadget for Techies:

Nima Gluten Sensor

I'm not gluten-free, but I do try to be mindful of my diet and I know many of my students either are gluten intolerant or are trying to avoid it in their diets.

This is where the Nima Gluten Sensor comes in handy. When you are out to eat and you want to ensure that your meal is gluten free. You can quickly use your gluten sensor and in a matter of minutes it will ensure that you food is actually gluten free. Many times the menu will say that it is gluten free only to find out that they used some type of ingredient and gluten mistakenly got into the food. This is a smart buy for anyone who wants to make a gluten free diet super simple. No more keeping track of what is or isn't gluten free. 


#5) Best Yoga Assistant

Infinity Strap

Available at

I have had this strap for over a year. I have used it on and off for awhile. I thought that it was a great product and used it with many of my students who have tight shoulders. It is great for extending the length of the arm when you just can't seem to grab your toes yet in a forward fold or need help catching a bind. But my new found love of this stretchy little strap came in my meditation. I loop it over my shoulders for perfect posture support. I wanted to start sitting for longer in my mediation but like many of you have probably experienced, it is body pain that sometimes brings our meditation to an end. By using the strap over my shoulders I can sit for long pain-free, which allows me to concentrate for longer.