Tesen (ENG)

Styles: Dharma; Lila; Bhava; Rasa

His Inspiration:"You are only limited by the ways you imagine the possibilities."
Dr. Gopala Aiyar Sundaramoothy

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    Having a healthy hip region is one of the most important part of our practice. We are going to look a how to open the hips safely but effectively. Instead of going to the hot spot and fall into a passive engagement, we will actively engage and get more for the same amount of discomfort.



    This All Levels class offers a well rounded practice of bandhas, ujjayi and attention in asanas. What ever the level of your practice is, you can delve deeper more. Practice is aimed to take you to a meditative state where focus intensifies. When you finish the practice, you will feel the prana, the life force pouring out of you, refreshed and energized. If you do not have 2 hours time for the full practice, you can always practice it in sections.

    This is a 2 hours long practice